Ben Burns | Courses


Courses numbered 0-499 are undergraduate, 500-599 are mixed undergraduate and graduate, and 600-899 are graduate. See UMass's website for more information. My current courses are listed in grey.

Math 671
General Topology
Math 621
Complex Analysis
Math 606
Stochastic Processes
Math 605
Probability Theory
Math 590STA
Mathematical ML
Math 571
Mathematical Cryptography
Math 545
Applied Linear Algebra
Math 532H
Nonlinear Dynamics (W)
Math 524
Real Analysis II (W)
Math 523H
Real Analysis I
Math 497K
Knot Theory
Math 471
Number Theory
Math 455
Discrete Structures
Math 412
Abstract Algebra II
Math 411
Abstract Algebra I
Math 370
Writing in Mathematics
Math 331
Differential Equations
Math 235
Linear Algebra
Math 233H
Multivariate Calculus
Stat 515
Statistics I
CS 891M
Theory Seminar (x3)
CS 688
Probabilistic Graphical Models
CS 589
Machine Learning
CS 514
Algorithms for Data Science
CS 501
Formal Language Theory
CS 311
CS H250
Honors Computation
CS 250
Intro to Computation
CS 240
Reasoning Under Uncertainty
CS 230
CS 187
Data Structures
CS 121
Intro to Programming