Ben Burns

I'm an undergraduate at UMass Amherst studying math and CS. My general interests are in applications of probability and in mathematical machine learning. I am advised by Markos Katsoulakis and Benjamin Zhang.

This Fall, I will start as a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech CSE.

I'm proud to be both an Undergraduate Course Assistant (UCA) for Formal Language Theory and a UCA program coordinator. I was previously Head UCA for Foundations of Programming and Algorithms, and the grader for number theory.


Below are pages including information on my

Please feel free to reach out for my CV.


[2024-04-21] UMassCTF 2024 writeups
[2023-06-25] "Missing Skills" not taught by the UMass CS curriculum


[2024-04-20] I authored four challenges for UMassCTF 2024 this weekend.
[2024-04-19] I presented our mean-field games approach to SGM in the UMass Theory Seminar and at Mass URC this week.
[2023-10-03] I presented our work on HJB regularizers for SGM in the UMass Theory Seminar.
[2023-09-03] I am organizing the inaugural UMass SIAM seminar series.
[2023-06-02] I will be participating in the 2023 UMass Math REU under the supervision of Markos Katsoulakis and Benjamin Zhang.